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Consulting and Evaluation

The company provides client consultations on the benefits and costs of installing solar power systems. They can also provide an assessment of the suitability of your home or organization for installing solar power systems

Design and installation of solar power systems

The company designs and installs solar power systems suitable for customers' needs. This includes analyzing energy consumption and designing a system that effectively meets the customer's needs.

Maintenance & Service

The company provides maintenance services and technical support for solar power systems. This includes checking and cleaning solar panels and replacing any components that need repair or replacement

Customized Solutions

Some company offers customized solutions for individual customer needs. These solutions can include the design of grid-connected solar power systems or autonomous solar power systems

Agrarian rehabilitation

The company aims to achieve a comprehensive improvement in the agricultural sector, by improving productivity, enhancing sustainability and improving the quality of life in local communities

Real Estate Investment

The company aims to achieve sustainable financial return through its real estate investments and the added value of real estate. The company plays an important role in the development of the real estate sector and the promotion of the local economy.

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